CNAME Cross-User Banned, on the same account?

I want to create a subdomain to a different dnslink from the host but when I accessed the subdomain it keep throwing out “CNAME Cross-User Banned”. I linked my subdomain cname to my host (main domain). Did I do something wrong here?

You’ve created two proxied CNAME records pointing to your root domain. Your root domain is, in turn, a CNAME pointing to another domain entirely, and that domain is itself proxied through Cloudflare. So, ultimately, those two proxied CNAMEs are pointing at that third-party host, not just at your root domain.

The error is telling you that you can’t create a proxied CNAME pointing to another host that is itself proxied through Cloudflare, that is on a different Cloudflare account. The problem isn’t that your CNAME points to your root; the problem is that your root itself points to another account.

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Thank you for your reply!

So how can I resolve this while still making sure that Cloudflare can access my IPFS-hosted file?

Try shutting off the proxy (orange-cloud) on your CNAMEs.

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Alright, it’s now working properly after I shut the proxy on both CNAME. Do I still get the same protection though? (Or should I switch to Fleek instead?)

The site you’re pointing to is already proxied, so double-proxying it wouldn’t get you anything extra. But the sum-total of what I know about “IPFS” is that I searched it after reading your post to find out what it meant, so I honestly have no idea what is being accomplished here and maybe someone else will chime in :joy:

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Oh :laughing:. Well, I guess I need to wait for someone to chime in to find out more. Thank you for your help!

After a few more research, I managed to make all the subdomains worked with proxy. I just start over and added the IPFS subdomain with Web3 menu so all of the CNAME and TXT was added automatically by Cloudflare. Also filled DNSLink with /ipfs/{CID}.

If someone can confirm that the steps above solved the “CNAME Cross-User Banned” with subdomain IPFS that would be great.

After a few more tinkering, it’s probably better to just ditch IPFS and use Cloudflare Pages instead. The instability and the slowness of IPFS just isn’t worth it currently in my opinion. My website never updates whenever I change my CID to a newer version. Just stuck at the old version of my website forever. I have tried purging my cache and my browser’s cache, development mode, re-adding IPFS on Web3 menu.

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