CNAME cross user ban

I’m facing a CNAME cross user ban on the domain I’m not referencing this domain outside of my cloudflare account. I also can’t seem to file a support ticket without being a business user. Any help?

Customers on every plan can open registrar, billing, and account tickets via the dash.

Can you share the steps to reproduce the error?

Are you getting a 1014 error? If you :search: 1014 or just include an error number (like 1014) in your post and then click 1014

You end up with

The Error 1014 occurs when there is an attempt to create a CNAME record between domains located in different Cloudflare accounts. To resolve this, the owner of the target domain must contact Cloudflare Support seeking allowance for cross-user CNAME resolution. Note that CNAME records are permitted only within a domain and across zones within the same user account.

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