CNAME Cross-user ban questions

Can a member of Claudflare team please contact me?
My website is blocked by Cloudflare and I don’t know why.
Thank you in advance.

Can you share the name of the domain and any error message you are receiving/screenshot of the error?


Screenshot 2021-04-15 at 20.58.04

I see that samlippolis CNAME points to ‘www’. And ‘www’ points to Kajabi. That’s where the error is coming from. Is Kajabi configured for your domain?

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Yes, it is.
Should I then just delete samlippolis CNAME to www…or will that open the whole new Pandora’s box :frowning:

Since ‘www’ works, this leads me to believe that Kajabi only responds to ‘www’.

Add a Page Rule, like in this tutorial, to redirect to ‘www’. No need for the DNS step, as you already have a :orange: DNS record for samlippolis.

I am so grateful that you are helping me out, thank you.
I went to page rules and these are the rules that are already set…

It looks like you’ll have to go ahead and do that DNS step. First, delete the CNAME for that points to ‘www’. Then add the DNS “A” record from the tutorial.

Great, thank you. I will try that.

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OK, so I need to add…

A ……

Is that correct?

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