CNAME confusion

Hey! Recently transferred my domain from to cloudflare.

I changed my nameservers etc via the instructions given in the Transfer menu.

Ive set my website to a @ CNAME so that i can visit the webpage with using the root domain e.g. and at the top of the “Records” tab, it says to add a CNAME for www so that can resolve, to which i did this… but when i visit, I get a “Timed out” error, while connecting through display my webpage properly. So I am curious what ive done wrong, if anything, and how to fix this “Timed out” error i get when trying to reach the www CNAME.

This displays a 526: Invalid SSL certificate error.

If you are wanting to use you can configure the www in Cloudflare to redirect only. This documentation describes the process of doing that.

I dont quite understand that section of the page you linked. Sorry.

Your origin server does not have a certificate for This is most likely due to your origin server only being configured for and not That is actually fine. You should pick only one of the two names to be the canonical name and configure a redirect to it from the other.

In addition to the guide shared by @anon9246926, example 2 in this cheat sheet should help you get a redirect working.


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