CNAME config is not working

I have a static website hosted on AWS S3 on this address -

I then configured the CNAME as it’s recommended on Cloudflare (see attached image)

I don’t have a clue why is not working.

Could someone help me here?

In the image, you have a CNAME record for, but you are saying that does not work.

If your canonical URL is, then the best solution would be to create a redirect from to To do this, create an AAAA record in your DNS, like this:

And then create a Page rule as shown on number 3 on this #CommunityTip: Community Tip - Best Practices For Page Rules

Hi Michael, is also not working, and getting the same error message: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, which basically means I have a misconfiguration or problem with my DNS.

Maybe it’s because I have 2 accounts on Cloudflare with the same domain ( One of them was created by an old web hosting, and I don’t have access to it anymore. I am not sure if it’s the issue, and I need Cloudflare’s help to solve this problem.

I have page rules to deal with the www and https.

I was able to delete the old account. And I found out my DNS problem was not related to this issue. I am still looking for help on why is not working on Cloudflare.

BTW, I followed the instructions of this article -

And it’s not the first time I set up an AWS S3 website with Cloudflare. I am very familiar with the process. There is something very weird with this situation. And my website if offline, unfortunately.

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