CNAME cloaking protection?

Does Cloudflare have any services that provide protection for CNAME cloaking?

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Protection against what? If it’s :orange: Proxied, then it looks like an “A” record without revealing the destination hostname. But the destination has to be ok with that. Some won’t work if it doesn’t behave like a standard CNAME.


Protection from this…Online Trackers Increasingly Switching to Invasive CNAME Cloaking Technique (

That’s a browser issue. It’s essentially a website masking external trackers within their own subdomain, which browsers typically wouldn’t mind because it’s coming from the same domain.

I believe NextDNS provides some level of protection for this as part of their “Block Disguised Third-Party Trackers” option…I was just curious if Cloudflare had anything similar.

That’s just a really big filter list of tracker hostnames. So you’re talking about Cloudflare’s DNS service. Cloudflare doesn’t have a “Trackers” category, nor would I expect them to. It’s a very complex minefield.

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