CNAME changed - site is now down

My websites have been down for a couple of days. When contacting Namecheap, they tell me that it is something to do with the CNAME now having at the end of my domain name.

I am confused as to why/how this has happened all of a sudden. Namecheap told me to contact you as they couldn’t help. When logging onto your site I was prompted to change my name servers, which I did.

Anyone offer any advice, as I am not great at these kind of technical issues!

An occasion to learn :slight_smile:

What’s the domain?

I am always willing to learn, but this one has me confused :blush:

It’s: thespeltkitchen

I assume you are referring to, right?

In that case, you are not using Cloudflare but it seems as if there was a partner setup configured, however seemingly not correctly.

Unfortunately, that is something only your host can clarify, as they are the partner of Cloudflare. Alternatively, you could disable the partner integration and use a full setup.

Yes, that’s right (it wouldn’t let me add the .com as it said it was a link). Namecheap have told me that the problem is with Cloudflare, and gave me the link (the last bit I included in my first post).

Thanks, I will speak to them again…

Well, the hostname where your www record points to, does not exist, but that’s not necessarily a Cloudflare issue, if they did not configure it correctly. But that’s something only they can fix.

Otherwise, mentioned full setup.

It’s weird because I’ve had no problems - this has literally happened overnight (without anything being changed, not from my end, any way). Thanks again!

No worries, just tell them that you are using their Cloudflare integration and they need to check this themselves.

Will do!

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