CNAME change

I’m extremely confused, so please try to bear with me. I transferred my domain from GoDaddy to Cloudflare a while ago.

  1. My domain name has been sitting idle however now I wish to have it a website. The website provider told me I need to switch the DNS which I did switch the “A” numbers. However, what do I put where it says “name”? do I put the domain name?

  2. They are asking me to change the “CNAME” and value, which I cannot find where to do this.

In the past, I tried to forward the domain name to another, with no success, however i am not attempting to do that any longer. It will have it’s own website. I am under the Cloudflare “free” plan, hopefully i can keep that as I do not want to up grade. Thank you!

You should be fine starting on the free plan. If you haven’t seen the following Community Tutorial, it’s a good place to start.

Hello - thank you for your reply. My free Cloudflare account gives me no option to change CNname. It just says Cname flattening. in order for me to add cname server, I believe they want me to upgrade and then, they want me to upgrade to a very expensive enterprise account. I’ve never experienced this before. Dp you know if I can change came for free?

You are confusing a partial setup that uses CNAMEs with changing a CNAME in your DNS zone. They have absolutely nothing in common. You can create CNAME records in your DNS on every plan, even free.

What is the CNAME record you are being asked to create? What happens when you try to create that according to the Community #tutorial shared in my previous reply?

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