CNAME business plan setup - is it possible to redirect root domain

I am currently researching the possibility to use Cloudflares Load Balancing setup with a Business Plan so I can do the CNAME setup (my customer can’t set the nameservers to Cloudflare), so I need to able to do the following:

  1. follow the guide here to convert my business plan to a CNAME setup:
  2. set a CNAME up with my authoritative DNS provider to point domain provided by Cloudflare with a CNAME

We can handle this for sure, but what I dont know if is possible is to redirect my root domain, to Cloudflare. I know that my authoritative DNS provider supports an apex alias (EuroDNS). IN theory i should be able to point this alias to the domain provided by Cloudflare and all should be set so both root domain and www subdomain both points to Cloudflare.

Is this correctly understood? Is this possible?

Yes if your DNS provider supports an Apex alias you can point this directly at Cloudflare in the same manner as any other record.

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I forgot to ask, but does the Load balancer support redirecting to a specific IP based on a port? We would like to hit server A when the port is set to 1000, and server B when port is set to 1001.

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I don’t believe the loadbalancer can redirect ports. However you can create a loadbalancer using Workers and redirect to specific ports on subrequests I believe.


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