CNAME bind to CNAME of same domain in another zone

Hi there!
I have 2 domains managed in one account ( and and I’m trying to set up a CNAME record in the first domain that should make a redirect to subdomain of my second domain, for example:

I have setup a CNAME record and tried different settings (DNS only/proxied) - unfortunately, it won’t work(

Any ideas?

CNAMEs do not provide redirection. A CNAME tells a visitor to send traffic for to the address of Assuming that we are talking about web traffic, the request to is still sent with a host header of This means that the webserver running on needs to be configured to handle requests for

If you just want anyone who goes to to be redirected to you need to configure redirection. This Community #tutorial covers it in detail. The hostname that you want to redirect will need to be :orange: proxied.

Thanks for your reply, looks like I misled you with the redirection word… Long story short - I want to give the opportunity to other domains to create in their registrar some subdomain (CNAME) that provides internet traffic to my subdomain… -> -> -> -> -> ->

Right now I’m playing with my domain in the com zone and trying to replicate the described behavior.

Your clients will need to create their subdomain in their DNS, which may or may not be with their registrar. My own preference is to avoid using registrar provided DNS.

Your use case sounds like Cloudflare for SaaS is what you need.


Yes, that’s right, clients on their side will create a CNAME that should lead to a dedicated subdomain in my domain (each user has his own unique subdomain in my DNS). The problem is that when I create a subdomain in my that leads to the desired subdomain in the, the request is timed out…

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