cName and MX Record

Hi. I watched multiple videos on setting up a domain DNS in Cloudflare and I still have two issues.

The first is that I created two cNames and neither a gray cloud, or orange cloud populated long with the creation. There is no cloud at all.

I also have an issue that Cloudflare is telling me that an mx record has not been created for that domain. I purchased the domain through GoDaddy, so I check it and I do see an mx record on other domains I purchased, but not the one I am linking to Cloudflare.

Can someone help me with this?



  1. If your site is hosted by a service already using Cloudflare, you most likely won’t get any clouds for your CNAME entry.

  2. An MX record only exists if you have a mail server set up for your domain. You can get the proper MX record entry from the place that hosts your mail. If it’s the same mail server as your other domains, then use that MX record information.

Similar issue; I’m using GoDaddy email, spoke to their support and confirmed that my MX records at Cloudflare are setup properly - but I’m still not sending/receiving properly. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks all!

This sounds more like an issue with which mail server your app is trying to connect to. If your app is configured to connect to a server name in your domain that’s Cloudflare Enabled (:orange:), it won’t proxy mail connections.

If the MX record is properly set up, it’s quite likely you have a bunch of recent email sitting on your mail server ready for pickup.

Your mail client app needs to connect to the real server name or IP address.