CNAME and DNS settings confusion while setting up Mailchimp

Hello guys, I am trying to set up the records for Mailchimp emails to stop going to spam. I already read a lot of the questions and fixed some of the stuff that was clearly wrong but I have the following issue:

Mailchimp wants me to add values to some of the existing CNAME or A files. For example they asked for this:

“Copy the following IP address into the A record for . If there is already an IP address in an existing A record, replace it with the one we provide.”

Well I edited the existing one and my website is now down :slight_smile: This might be expected but I did not know … Now from what I understand I need to wait 24hrs to see if it propagates and works, and if it doesn’t I’ll need to switch back to the old ip address.

Now my other problem is the following, they are asking me to do the same for the www CNAME record. I don’t want to cause another problem so I would like to ask if there is a way to add their required value without editing my existing one? In my DNS settings I can only set a Name and a Target, I was told that with CNAME records you can usually just add more values, is that true?

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I suspect the real issue is you should configure MailChimp to use a subdomain, like or such.

Can you post a link to the instructions you’re following?

Hey, thank you for the response! How come I need a subdomain? I am asking because they didn’t mention it anywhere and I have no idea how dns settings etc work!

Here is a screenshot of the instructions with the ip and cname I mentioned

I also added these records today again based on their instructions:

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The second screenshot doesn’t interfere with your domain.

The first one is a mystery. We can’t help with this, as this is between you and mailchimp as to what you’re trying to accomplish. Cloudflare DNS is doing exactly what Mailchimp told you to do.

Unortunately I am only using their free plan so no support for me. I changed my ip back to the original so that the site comes back up. I really don’t understand why the would want me to change these records, maybe the solution is a subdomain as you said and they just want their forms and stuff to load faster through them.

My goal was to get myy email to stop going to spam and hopefully that is solved with the second screenshot which didn’t interfere with the domain!

Thank you very much for your time anyway!


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