CNAME and A record values for domain forwarding


Suppose I have two domains: and

I want to forward to

I can do this with a page rule* with temporary redirect to

But I also need to have an A record for and a CNAME for www set up in the DNS section.

what IP should I be using for the A record and what domain should I use for the CNAME?


Please see this post.

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That says to use as the A record, but what about the CNAME value for www?


Personally I would create an A record for www and point it to as well.

Why do you believe it needs a CNAME?


If I delete the CNAME www and add an A record www with and then go to, I get a connection timeout error.

If I instead have a CNAME www with my old registrar’s parking page (, then the redirect works. I’d prefer not using for that value since I am planning on transferring my domain to CloudFlare so am wondering what a reasonable value to put in there would be


Do you have a page rule in Cloudflare forwarding www?

Are you able to post a screenshot of the rules?


thanks for your help.

I was able to get it to work with an A record for www to and changing the page rule from* to **

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Glad it worked, this is the correct solution :slightly_smiling_face: Adding the * in front made it affect www as well as the root domain.

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