CNAME already exists error

I am taking an online tutorial that recommends cloudflare. It recommends changing the CNAME to wpengine and it would not let me so I deleted the cname that was there and tried to add a new cname it won’t let me.

I am stuck

Hi, I recommend Cloudflare too. Makes your life a lot easier.

It’s a pretty simple thing: If you want to add a CNAME record, no other record type is allowed and vice versa. Try removing all other records with the same name or use an A/AAAA record :wink:

A little explanation: CNAME’s are kind of aliases of other domain names. These may contain other records such as A, AAAA, MX, TXT, etc. Therefore, only one CNAME is allowed and no other records are allowed to be present.

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I am not a tech person at all. The tutorial had that A…MX… and just added the CNAME which it won’t let me do. So am I supposed to delete all the other records and have just the CNAME?

Either that or use a different subdomain (name) that’s not already used.