CNAME alias to external DDNS record not hiding IP

Hi there

I’ve just moved my dns hosting to Cloudflare. The goal of my move was to obfuscate the IP address of some of my records to show Cloudflare’s IPs instead.

This is however not happening for my records, and the orange cloud is on.

Is Cloudflare unable to offer this feature for CNAME records that are alias for external DNS records? I’ve searched the community and googled but found nothing on this specific issue.


What is the host in question?

Hi Sandro

It’s a record, I’d rather not post the exact record.


Well, that CNAME is apparently not proxied. You need to switch that to :orange:.

Hi Sandro

As mentioned in the OP, orange cloud is on

In that case you probably have a propagation issue and simply need to wait longer.

Without the actual records it is impossible to say more.

Hi Sandro

It seems you’re spot on. Public nslookups show Cloudflare IP, I dont know why my own cmd nslookup with specified would show the old info.

Should be resolved with some time, thanks

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