Cname advice

hello, ive been told to add something to my CNAME buy my hosting people. eg. lets say thats is my domain, when i press save the domain is ommitted and only the numbers show.

also can you have 2 names and content in CNAME, as the one at the moment is …name=www, content


This is standard behavior. Any subdomains in DNS here don’t show the domain part. This saves space, but the back end has the full hostname.

You can not have duplicate CNAMES. In other words, you can’t have one CNAME that points to two different places.

But you can have two different CNAMEs that point to the same place. For example, ‘www’ and ‘members’ can both point to

thanks, if the add on in cname is so my hosting can issue a ssl certificate, do i need it as clouflare gives a ssl

A million times yes (it’s that important). Your hosting needs to be secure.

sorry , maybe said it wrong, as cloudflare issue a free ssl, do i need one from my hosting company as well , or will the cloud flare one be okay

The answer is still the same. You need both.

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