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Got a bit of a strange one. We were planning on setting up an account for a customer but only for one or two records as they own the domain so we were going to use the CNAME functionality as described here : “

Turns out the customer is already hosting this domain in Cloudflare :o

So is this possible?

Example -

“customer com” is hosted in cloudflare already and owned/managed by the customer, we have no access.

We are supposed to setup and manage “msp.customer com” in cloudflare with the customer creating a CNAME forward of “ net”

I am thinking there is an issue here :frowning:

Can anyone help?


CNAME setup is only for Business and Enterprise plan customers. If you’re on one of those plans, you’ll have to contact Support to get that set up.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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Thanks for replying, but setting it up wasn’t really the question.

The question in a nutshell is can I create a CNAME account (assume i have bought the Business plan) when the root domain is already manage in cloudflare?

The CNAME setup is to allow you to have external-to-your-domain people CNAME to you. And it sounds like you’re dealing with subdomains, so that should be ok.

To be sure, definitely contact Support to find out if it’s doable.

Thanks, I hadn’t seen that document yet:

This line spells doom for the idea though, key word “outside”

“A CNAME setup allows a customer to maintain authoritative DNS outside of Cloudflare.”

I’ve logged a ticket with support to confirm.

I’m not sure that spells doom. That probably means more like “outside your Cloudflare account.” But let us know what Support says.

It is possible to set up an enterprise zone fora subdomain (in this instance it would be a full setup, not CNAME, since the customer is already on Cloudflare). Requires a feature only available on an Enterprise plan. If you or the customer already has enterprise zones you can talk to your existing account team, otherwise you may want to contact the Enterprise sales team to describe what you are looking to do.

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The other option (for customers who do SaaS type products) is Cloudflare’s SSL for SaaS offering (also an ENT product).

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