Clousfare Warp Crashed While On Can't Disconenct

I was using Cloudflare Warp for maybe 30 minutes, when I noticed the icon had vanished from my Systray. Restarting the program failed (it doesn’t launch). Checking my tasks running, I saw it had become suspended. But I couldn’t resume it or kill it. It was unaccessible. Problem is, it’s still running and can’t be disconnected. I tried shutting down my computer (Dell Win10 64 Home), and couldn’t even connect to wifi. Took a bit to connect, and I discovered Cloudflare Warp was still running.
I had an old copy saved), and used repair. Nothing. I had to uninstall it to get my connection working normally again. Unfortunately, it’s still in my system as suspended. So I can never use it again. How can I fix this so it’s not permanently suspended and inaccessible?

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