Clouldflare fail to purge recaching new post for my blog site

I run my blog that linked with Cloudflare when I create a new post I didn’t see the current that affected my site. I tried many methods that I learnt from sites like trying to use a page rule to bypass Cloudflare cache but it didn’t work. Also, I turn it off auto minify js, CSS and Html still not work. my blog still shows the oldest post that is from since 5 days ago. When you log in WordPress dashboard panel you will see the current posts but for the normal visit will see the cached posts that remain static all time

Visit dailyjobs blog Failed to display the current post

here is my Cloudflare setting

I need your help from everybody who knows about this problem and how we can solve it

It looks like you’re using Ezoic, and they run their own caching system. I suggest you contact them to investigate this.

Not related to your current problem, but there are some issues with your setup. Only one page rule will every be used on a request. Requests are evaluated against the page rules from top to bottom, and the first match is the only page rule that will work.

In your case, the first page rule will match everything, so no other page rules will work. You should enable the “Always Use HTTPS” setting on the dashboard, and remove the Page Rule.

I also prefer to use Cloudflare for Teams/Cloudflare Access to protect the admin pages. Much safer than just relying on the firewall. Setting the security level to High can interfere with some content management systems. (I generally set high as the default everywhere, and reduce for the pages behind Cloudflare Access)

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Ok, I have tried to change the setting now. And I don’t see any something wrong with my website thanks for your suggestion

Thanks, Bro the problem was Ezoic I delete Caching and it work perfect

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