Clouflare for SAAS - SSL and, edge caching?

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying the offer Cloudflare for SaaS, and it looks like exactly what I need!

I am wondering how to handle the edge caching for a website connected to its origin through Cloudflare for SaaS :

  • We will change the DNS of the domain of the website to the custom hostname used in Cloudflare for SaaS, then we will issue the SSL, and then how to handle edge caching for this website ? How to make this website cached on edge ?

And a few other questions :

  • I will be using wordpress for the website connected via Cloudflare for SAAS, and I have APO on my domain used for Cloudflare for SaaS (its also a wordpress site). Can APO also apply to the website connected through Cloudflare for SaaS ?

  • What about purging the cache, if I have 10 websites connected using Cloudflare for SaaS, and cached on edge, can I purge the cache for only one site ? If yes, how ? and can this be done within wordpress directly ?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @agencysmartin :grinning:

So basically the Custom Hostnames you add to Cloudflare is kind of like an alias for that zone. According to Cloudflare’s own explanation :arrow_down:

Custom hostnames are third party hostnames that CNAME to your domain in order to receive the performance and security benefits of Cloudflare.

So let’s say your zone is and your Custom Hostname is, if you want to add a page rule for, all you have to do is fill in something like* in the url of the page rule. WAF is the same. The list can go on. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing you may not be an Enterprise Plan customer, according to :link: Plans — Cloudflare for SaaS, Free / Pro / Business customers don’t have access to custom origin, so your configuration (10 websites) is basically equivalent to one website with 10 domains. I believe once you understand this, most of your questions can be answered. :smile:

Hope this helps, Martin.

Thank you Pieak for the reply :slight_smile:

Let’s keep your example : my zone is and my Custom Hostname is

“Custom hostnames are third party hostnames that CNAME to your domain in order to receive the performance and security benefits of Cloudflare.”

→ So, all settings that I apply to should also apply to ?
For example, if I add a page rule for, will it apply to as well, or I need a different rule for ? (I tried that, and it seams that the answer is no - except if I made a mistake?)

And what about APO, if I have APO on, will benefits from it ( and are both wordpress website) ?

Then, all of my website has the same origin so I think I am fine without Entreprise plan. But how to handle edge cache purging ? if I have, …, as custom hostnames, and updates its site, then how to clear edge cache for only, and not all the other site ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Sorry that the explanation of cf I quoted was a bit misleading. The word receive is a bit like a marketing term.

Not all changes to the zone will magically be applied to the custom hostnames.

In this case(Page Rules), you need to fill in instead of

But for something like Email Address Obfuscation, all you need is a simple click.

EDIT: It seems that there is no other way to purge the cache for a specific site other than manually filling in the urls.

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