Clouflare configuration with Litepeed cache


I use LiteSpeed cache. And i don’t know what is the better configuration to optimize my website with Lite speed cache and CloudFlare

Which configuration to optimize ressources by LiteSpeed cache ? Which by Cloudflare ?
Is it a problem to optimize with both same ressrouces ?

Today i have try to disable HTML, CSS and JS minimization by Cloudlfare because already minimize by LiteSpeed cache.
But is perhaps not a good idea.

I hope that you can explain me how to have the better configuration with this 2 tools (Lite Speed cache and Cloudlfare).

Thank you for your expertise.

I also use LiteSpeed cache and Cloudflre. They work well together and mostly independent of one another, so I don’t think you have too much to worry about. You are right that a good practice is to minimize only once - either LS or CF not both. I haven’t encountered any other gotchas using LS and CF together. Here’s a guide that I like for setting up LS (not specific to using with CF)

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