Clouflare and Magento - New Here

Good afternoon. Two days ago I installed CFy until this morning more or less 80% of the requests were served from the Cache. This morning I passed my Magento to development mode to make some changes, at that time I also put CF in development mode and when I finished the changes I put Magento and CF in production mode. But from that moment as you can see in the following graphic, CF only serves about 20% of requests from the cache. Somebody

Hey there. This is actually pretty normal. A lot of the things that Cloudflare caches by default are things a browser would cache. 20% sounds about right for an ecommerce website.

The strange thing is that yesterday, for example, almost 80% of the requests were resolved through the cache and it was this morning when I went into Development mode and then returned to production when the cache slowed down.

Another question.
Why pindom show me that i´m not using a Cdn.

Some places count Cloudflare as a CDN and some don’t. My Cloudflare site is also shown as not using a CDN. That’s an error on Pingdom’s part.

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