Cloudways WebP conversion with plugin


I am trying to convert my images to WebP using the EWWW Image Optimizer plug in.

Now I am a bit confused on how to set this up as when I tried to convert my images to WebP, I see they don’t look like they were here converted ( also in inspect element they do not show as a webp file.

I contacted the plug in support and they responded with:

“Since you’re using JS WebP, you’ll want to look at the actual file extensions to see if they are using WebP. More detail on that here: EWWW IO and WebP Images - EWWW I.O. Documentation.

If you did not have WebP conversion enabled when you first ran the bulk optimizer, you need to use the Force Re-optimize + WebP Only options to generate the WebP versions of your images.”

Reading the more info link, it states:

Cloudflare requires the JS WebP Rewriting function or you can use their Polish feature, which is available on their paid plans.

The Cloudways CDN has an option to support WebP images without JS WebP. For Cloudways hosting, you need to use the .htaccess rules, and then ask them to exclude images from the Nginx vhost. Then, you also need to enable the option for WebP support on their CDN.”

Unfortunately, I am stuck here and not sure how to move forward. I use the Cloudways CDN. Am I supposed to use image urls from cloudflare to make this work?


If your images are on a CDN, such as Cloudways, you should not Proxy (:orange:) that CDN subdomain of yours.

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