Cloudways Compatibility?



We use Cloudways for several Wordpress hosting servers and lately I’ve been having some SSL and DNS issues with their servers. We use the free Cloudflare service for all of our DNS. The server I’m fighting with is running php7.1 and their applications come with the free LetsEncrypt SSL but I ended up revoking that service, disabled SSL from Cloudflare, and I still get an SSL error for one of my websites:

If there are no SSLs on this particular domain, how can there be an SSL mismatch? I’ve tried purging all the cache in all browsers, the server cache, and Cloudflare’s cache - but the error is still here. Has anyone else run into this kind of error with Cloudways and Cloudflare? It seems like this issue is hit or miss with Cloudways hosting. One time a website’s DNS works perfect, the next time it has SSL/DNS issues.

Just looking for advice if I’m going to continue using these 2 in conjunction. Thanks in advance.

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