Cloudlfare Stream: Allow users to embed on other websites

Is there an embed (on other websites) feature included in the player that is included with Cloudflare Stream?

Cloudflare Stream comes with a built-in player with full support for embedding on a website. On the Stream dashboard you can select a video and switch to the “Embed” tab, which will show HTML code you can insert onto any website.

Relevant documentation:

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I don’t believe this is what the OP was asking when they asked about “Allow users to embed on other websties”.

I’m replying because I notice the same feature missing from the Cloudflare player which is just an embed button that allows people to embed my videos on their websites or social media. Im super suprised this feature isn’t available. Just as much as I’m surprised more people are not / have not asked about this feature.

Imagine how bad it would be for YouTube simply as a business if we all woke up tomorrow and there was no button to access the iframe code? This problem I believe is amplified in regards to how important it is for small and medium size sites to distribute their content, naturally and organically in a way that is familiar (would even say it’s a convention at this point) and easy to distribute their content.

Ha… Im OP. Sorry about that.

Thanks for the clarification.

I’m not surprised this isn’t an option, as Stream also lets you limit which domains can embed the video. As it’s billable usage, I’m not sure many people would want others embedding it and racking up charges. Youtube doesn’t charge the video owner for streaming, like Cloudflare does.

I suggest that if you want to allow embedding, then add a button or link next to the video.