Cloudlfare Services in Pakistan

Hey Cloudflare !!

Me and other peoples in Pakistan are facing issues on Cloudflare servers. Some websites are down and even DNS is not working from our own data centers. Everything is routed from other countries not directly routed from Pakistan. Kindly check it and fix it as soon as possible.


Thank you for contacting us via the community. To understand more about the issue, could you kindly open a ticket with Cloudflare Support by emailing [email protected]?

When you open the ticket, please also include the output you get from typing the following into your browser:


Cloudflare Community Support.


I have already sent a mail on Cloudflare Customer Support. Kindly check it and fix it as soon as possible.


This issue has been not resolved for more than a month now and still Karachi and Islamabad servers are down for more than a month especially Karachi Servers
My request number is #1988465 has been open for more than 10 days and #1959147 has been opened for more than 2 months and yet the servers are not online. I have been getting an average ping of 50ms with spikes where i used to get average ping of 3ms on the services. So kindly look into this issue on high priority as performance downgradation is being seen while surfing the web etc.