Cloudlfare´s IPs being Blocked by ISP during Football Games

Hi. On the weekends between 21h and 23h, there’s football games and Portugal ISP´s are blocking communications due to watching games piracy websites. And I think some Cloudflare IP´s are being blocked because some of the sites under my account don’t have access during this time. No error, just a timeout after long time waiting. If I connect through a VPN different country, I can connect. If I connect using a different ISP provider it works. So some ISP providers are blocking Cloudflare IP´s most probably because suspect websites are also using Cloudflare services to hide their ip´s. This is the same problem as reported on this thread and this thread.

Sounds like a great opportunity to talk to your ISP as they control the last mile.

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Do you imagine calling for a ISP saying “I use a reverse-proxy service to protected my website, and it was blocked during this period of the day” “Ok, what is your ip?” “well, I don’t know, because that’s given dynamically by Cloudflare” “so how can I investigate?” …
What I can try is ask the ISP if they block any of this ip~s from this Cloudflare range

There are any number of tools which will allow you to look up the IP address of a website. While they are dynamically allocated they rarely change, so the IP address today has a very high likelihood of being the same as it was yesterday or the day before or the day before.

So yeah you’d call them and perhaps provide them some diagnostic output (taceroute output, etc) and they’ll them to fix their network because they are the ones doing the blocking based on your description.

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Didnt kow that the ip’s dont change that much. Thanks for sharing that.

Will do. Thanks again for the help

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