Cloudlfare not controlling DNS

We moved to cloudflare but the site is still pointing to our old website.

We moved DNS over 7 days ago, cloudflare is definitely controlling the DNS.
No forwarding is active on the domain.
The registrar has confirmed that the DNS is pointing to cloudflare.

We’ve not encountered this before can you assist?

Well, have you changed the DNS records on Cloudflare so they point to your new site?

Yes a week ago. The new site is Kajabi, we’ve confirmed that the settings are correct.

If the settings on Cloudflare are all correct the issue needs to be with your host.

You don’t have an entry for the root ( or @) in DNS … or at least a dig fails to return anything). So for the specific hostname you referenced in this post the settings don’t appear to be correct/exist.

Kajabi directs customers to use CNames. I thought the lack of an A record was unusual as well. But it does not explain why the site directs to the old host after a DNS change.

If you feel comfortable sharing your DNS records, post a screenshot of them here.

I get the same page, irrespective of whether I go via Cloudflare or directly to your server

Yes, that is the issue. That is the old site and not the site we’ve directed the DNS to route customers to.

Then, as I said, that is an issue on your host’s side and you need to contact them. That site comes from the server you configured on Cloudflare.

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