Cloudlfare Cache stopped working, caching percentage dropped to 0% all traffic directed to my host server


For some reason few hour ago, caching rate dropped to 0 and 9% causing my Hostgator server overload and suspension. Here is the charts:

Why would cache rate drop so low? I haven’t changed anything in settings at all.
You can see a drive up in traffic but that is normal and this traffic level is nothing out of ordinary and was never a problem (and shouldn’t affect cache level?)

Weird thing I have another domain on the cloudlfare account on different hostgator server and caching there didn’t fail and works ok…

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Increased number of unique visitors is suspicious.

Which plan are you using?


Hi Eric,

I’m using free plan but the increase seems big because its 24 hr window, on longer scale its normal and never caused an issue. Plus that top number spike is 54k visitors so not that much

It’s difficult to troubleshoot with free plan, as we are lacking visibility into what URLs they are requesting. But what I suspect is - someone is crawling your webpages with random query strings (which do not exist in CDN cache yet), so all the traffic has to be sent to your server.

You might need to check your server access logs and see what they are requesting.

I think i will enable analytics…
Dont know if that helps but hostgator sent me requests example and they look like this:

GET /3dparallax_4d/188/small_version/0.jpg HTTP/1.1…host:…connection: Keep-Alive…accept-encoding: gzip…cf-ipcountry: MX…x-forwarded-for: 2806:102e:1b:892:f82c:6567:27fe:67a7…cf-ray: 6528f

  • GET /3dparallax_4d/188/small_version/2.png HTTP/1.1…Host:…Connection: Keep-Alive…Accept-Encoding: gzip…CF-IPCountry: MX…X-Forwarded-For: 2806:102e:1b:892:f82c:6567:27fe:67a7…CF-RAY: 6528f*
  • GET /glitter/content/11430/thumb.jpg HTTP/1.1…Host:…Connection: Keep-Alive…Accept-Encoding: gzip…CF-IPCountry: CL…X-Forwarded-For:…CF-RAY: 6528f8451a58753f-SCL…If-Modified-*
  • GET /glitter/content/1143/thumb.jpg HTTP/1.1…Host:…Connection: Keep-Alive…Accept-Encoding: gzip…CF-IPCountry: US…X-Forwarded-For: 2603:6080:9d00:32:8148:3689:da41:ce1e…CF-RAY: 6528f8460d4*

So as you can see they request jpg file which should be cached by default. is that MX forwarded-for normal?

Any cf-cache-status header in each request?

It’s X-Forwarded-For. This header is to retain the real IP address of the visitor while passing the traffic along proxies.

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