Cloudlfare blocking popup modal for unknown reason

support has been stalling for days on answering this and im getting a bit fed up so reaching out to see if i can get an answer from the community.
cloudflare is blocking a very simple popup modal link on my WP site. IF i disable CF, it works fine.
The test site is at NewcastlePROMs
if you click ā€œ(testing)ā€ from the main menu, nothing happens. it works fine with CF off.
The plugin which provides this link (which is just a href link with a css class) depends on the following files

i cant see that CF is blocking them, but something is going on! anyone can help diagnose this issue?

Hi @adnaanqureshi,

Iā€™m getting 1020 Access Denied if I try to access the site you linked. Could you check your firewall rules?

The OP used firewall rules to specifically block everything non-UK ā†’

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sorry yes i forgot about the uk rule. ill disable it now.
also the minify options arent actually the cause, my celebration was premature!

to clarify - i currently have no firewall rules on, but i do have most if the speed optimisation settings on.
the test site i linked to is a wordpress but every plugin is disabled, except the theme and the popup login plugin.

ok. turned off rocket loader, and it works.