Cloudlfare blocking Googlebots

Hello, Cloudflare is blocking Googlebot from my website. I can not run speed tests and I believe it is blocking other known bots. I have made a rule allowing known bots but wondering if this will be enough. My question is, do I need “bot fight node” turned on? Is this necessary or just another layer of protection?

If you turn on bot fight mode, then Googlebot will be blocked.

So it’s ok to turn it off? Didn’t know if that is what is preventing bots from attacking my site or if it is just another layer of protection.

You should be able to see in your firewall if there are a lot of bots hitting the rule.

Yeah, I actually saw a lot of Googlebots hitting my allow known bots rule so I’m gonna dig into it.

Hi, you can try temporarily disabling Bot Fight Mode when accessing the Pagespeed site

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But do I need bot fight mode always turned on or is that just another layer or security?

I recommend always enabling bot fight mode. If you want to check pagespeed or something about SEO check, you can temporarily disable it.

Why Bot Fight Mode blocks Pagespeed bot I think because of this:

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Ok, thank you!

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You’re welcome.

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I disagree; as appealing as SBFM is, its state isn’t something I’d consider production-ready. It breaks almost any site you enable it on.

@sarasanangelo SBFM is good, so good that it nearly blocks anything that isn’t a browser, which means that legitimate bots might also be blocked from visiting your website.
If your website works fine after enabling it, go for it; otherwise, don’t bother and disable it.

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Ok, thank you. I think I am going to leave it disabled. There were a lot of good bots that were getting blocked and I think it might have actually affected my rankings and jumbled a few things on my site. I’m going to reach out to my host to make sure I have enough security in place on that end. Scoured the internet for an answer so this advice is very helpful. Thank you!

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