Cloudlfare applications


Trying to use cloudflare for teams to essentially protect a directory from access outside of the office login.

My understanding is that I created an application

Then I added a rule:

Action: Block
Include: Everyone
Exception: IP Ranges (entered public ip of office here)

I saved the rule and then saved the application. However, everyone is able to access the directory. (Everyone being, my cell phone on cell data whose ip is not in the exception list.)

My desired outcome is to eventually get this url to the point that it is accessible inside the office, and outside the office we will allow “email” of certain allowed individuals to get a one time use pin.

Thanks for any help.

To do this, I just set a rule with Bypass action, and include the corporate IP range.

I generally add a rule that allows staff to authenticate from anywhere when using their managed credentials.

Hmm, I tried what you have:

An Allow Internal Access rule in the first slot with 1 include that has our CIDR in it.
A second rule, which I assumed was “Allow User”, which I selected email in the include and specified my email.

When I go to the url I get a Cloud flare access Forbidden page.


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