Cloudlare Pro Plan + APO + Autoptimize

hello everyone
I have done all the necessary steps for the best performance of “Cloudflare”.
I wanted to share the results with you.

Active properties;
1- APO
3- Autoptimize

Moreover, I get these results by paying monthly. Previously I was getting good results with WP Fastest Cache.

Maybe I will be patient for another month, so it will be good.
I wanted to share this experience with you. With my best regards.

At first sight, I am afraid there could be some conflict using APO and Autooptimize, but I might be wrong.

@yevgen is more experienced and he could reply with some more information regarding your issue. Kindly and patiently, wait for the next reply.

Even this one, I am not 100%, but hopefully you configured it to work well and be compatible with Cloudflare.

Does it work good with rocket loader?

I sorry, but I haven’t used it and cannot provide any helpful information regarding.

As far as I have checked over topics and gathered information, I believe yes, it should work good and be compatible with each other.

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