Cloudlare pages 100 sites limit

[Reposting the email I sent via Email here since no answers]

Hello Cloudflare Support,

I’m the owner of a web agency and we’d like to start using Cloudflare Pages for hosting our clients sites.

Sadly, I just realised that there is a limit of 100 sites that can be hosted on Cloudflare Pages but the site says for more to contact this email.

Can you please shed more light on this:

  • what’s the process to have this limit lifted?

  • is the limit lifted entirely or is it just increased?

  • anything else important you think I should know?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers as these will help us determine whether CloudflarePages is the hosting platform that suits our needs.



What’s your ticket ID?

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Hi Walshy,
Thanks for your reply.

I don’t have a Ticket ID.

I just sent the email to ask as suggested on this docs page but heard nothing back:
developers DOT cloudflare DOT com / pages / platform / limits /#sites

I’m currently on the FREE plan but accessing different static site hosting providers at the moment to see which one to use for hosting my agency’s clients going forward.

Can you please confirm if this limit can be removed or lifted? and by how much if the later?

Many thanks.

It can be lifted yes, we allow unlimited sites but it requires a manual lift to prevent abuse.

Can you send me the following:

  • Your account ID
  • Justification (why do you need more than 100?)
  • How many projects you have right now
  • How many do you expect to have