Cloudfront url loads rapidly but cloudflare proxied url is super slow

I have a angular website, hosted on s3 and opened view cloudfront cdn( I have proxied my main domain from cloudflare to cloudfront.

The problem is which is my main domain is super slow, and cloudflare url( loads without any delay. What should I do to load is faster from cloudflares end?


I think you’ll have to do some more analysis on how your site loads. When I compare Cloudflare to Cloudfront, the last origin resource to load from Cloudflare starts at 2.66s and ends at 2.96s. The last origin resource from Cloudfront starts at 3.46s and ends at 4.42s. So Cloudflare is done before Cloudfront is. It’s that other stuff that’s taking too long.

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I can try this with some minimal assets.

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If after reducing the assets used in the website, the load time is the same.

Even after non-proxying from Cloudflare DNS, things are slow. But with CloudFront URL
website loads rapidly is slow for me. It’s probably your host. You think it’s fast possibly due to different cache settings and headers

Tested, not slow on my end.

Thing is, when I scroll down, the images are being “lazy loaded” and it seems it’s loading slower as they are large and a lot of them to show at the moment - at least on 31.5" monitor where all the requests for all the features of the editor are shown (24 of them?).

And a YouTube video to load right below it.

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Thank you for being so thorough. Image are already lazy.

When the website is proxied: the site was loading between 4sec to 20sec.
So after trying for 4 days I did nt find any help from cf team.

Finally we transferred our domain to some other service provider and deleted the website from cloudflare.

CF is doesn’t always makes your website faster. sometimes it is a real pain!!