Cloudfront CDN + CloudFlare DNS (Newbie here)

Hi guys,

Kind of a newbie to webdesign/webdev, so you guys might help me with some questions.

So i’ve a static website (online store) hosted on godaddy, with Cloudflare being its DNS provider.

Recently i’ve installed W3 Total Cache on my website (wordpress) and kinda learned about what a CDN is. So i searched for it online and i figured i could have AWS Cloudfront to act has my CDN, to store my images/JS/etc and perhaps my website would become even faster for the visitors.

My (newbie) doubts are:

Will a CDN with Cloudfront pointed to Cloudflare DNS even make my website faster?

Would a CDN with Cloudflare (since i already have it for my DNS providing) make my website faster than AWS Cloudfront?

If i config AWS Cloudfront, do i need to add which records to Cloudflare? In order for it to route properly.

I’m sorry if some stuff i said is really dumb to you guys, i’m eager to learn tho!


Hi there,

Your website pa??? is already being served from Cloudflare cache:

I don’t think another layer of cache from another provider will help, on the contrary.

Take care.

Hello there @mcorreia! Thanks for the response, so what are CDN good for then? Be it a Cloudflare CDN or any other

Hi there,

A CDN - like Cloudflare - helps your website load faster by caching your origin content closest to the viewer, so instead of the client having send requests all the way to your origin, it connects to one of Cloudflare’s over 300 locations and Cloudflare fetches assets only when necessary and serves them from Cloudflare edge cache whenever possible. This makes the website faster as it’s loaded from a location closer to the client and decreases your origin load.

But Cloudflare is much more than a simple CDN, it also has lots neat features that you can take advantage of to better protect and optimize your website.

Here’s some documentation about the basics:

Take care.