Cloudfllare load balancer pricing

Hi Cloudflare community,

I am a bit confused about the pricing of my cloudflare account.

I tried looking but could not get straightforward answers and was rather confusing. So will put up my requirements here.

So I want to create a load balancer which will roughly handle ~47 million requests per month. There is no GeoRouting needed. Might need health checks. There will be just 1 origin server to which these requests will be sent.

I have enterprise plan enabled for this specific domain/merchant. When I go to load balancer, it says:
You have used 6 of 100 Load Balancers included in your plan.You have used 18 of 100 Pools included in your plan.You have used 12 of 2 Endpoints included in your plan.

So I believe I have more load balancers available to be used , as well as pools. but I am exhausting endpoints included in the plan. I need to add lets say 2 more endpoints, how much that would cost?


You would need to contact your Account team rep to see what the additional cost if any would be incurred with this change. If you create a support ticket with that ENT plan we may be able to provide more info regarding this. As long as it is with a Super Administrator on the ticket.

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