CloudflareWARP fails to install: error 2503 & 2502

Attempting to install on Windows 11 Home, 64-bit. Using Windows default antivirus program.

This error is mostly because a lack of permissions.
Did you try installing as Administrator?

Yes, same error. I had installed previously with no problems and my wife’s PC is identical to mine and I had no problems installing to her PC.

There are a lot of things you can try to resolve this but is looks it is mainly a Windows error.

Maybe worth a check:

I noticed same solutions on Windows 11 when searching for the issue 2502 2503 error.

I do appreciate your help, and I did try what you suggested, but no results. I think this lies elsewhere, as my first install went smoothly. It was on the update that it all went wrong. I can live without this, but I was very pleased with it. At least, I still have the DNS entry set. Again, thanks for offering to assist. I do appreciate that.

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