`cloudflarestorage.com` is blocked by major indian ISPs

Hello looks like cloudflarestorage.com domain is blocked by major ISPs in India including Jio and airtel, please take a look.

Attaching a screenshot:

That just looks like a failing DNS lookup. Have you asked your DNS provider?

You’re right. This does seem to be a DNS issue but the problem is i don’t control these devices. My users are reporting this because the domain seems to be blocked by the default DNS from the ISP.

I don’t see any other solution other than using a custom domain or cloudflare reaching out to the ISP to fix this issue.

Custom domain is the right approach. Those r2.cloudflarestorage hostnames aren’t intended for production use.

Yeah but the problem is using custom domains allows public access. I’m currently using pre signed URLs to allow access to a file for a certain duration and I have to move away.

@thambi Have you got any solution for this ? We are using Pre-Signed Urls, hence can’t use Custom Domains.

@bombayboyrahul04 - apparently, you cannot do anything about this. the only solution is have a pro plan with hmac filters.

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