Cloudflare's SSL.. Required if Server Already Has

As I understand it, Cloudflare’s SSL is created as 1. an easy option for those upgrading and 2. an alternative to other SSLs.

If I site I’m working on already has a server with their own SSL certs… then Cloudflare’s SSL isn’t required yes?

I’m asking because the site’s wordpress backend is inaccessible now due to the loop problem.

edit: I just switched off CS’s SSL and I’m getting this: ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

So I’m just going to assume I have to either use strict or flexi+plugin ssl settings if I’m going to use Cloudflare with the site?

Cloudflare is a proxy service, so yes, you still need a certificate on their edges and on your server. If one of those two does not have a proper HTTPS configuration the entire encryption is useless.

Do not use Flexible only one of the two Fulls.

Noted. What’s the difference between Full and Full Strict

Full requires any certificate, Strict requires a valid certificate.

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