Cloudflare's service support is terrible

Cloudflare’s service support is terrible
Everything was perfunctory. Since misjudged my account. And settle the support vote (#5479459). My account is still unusable. The domain name still cannot be managed, it shows that we need to contact customer service to solve.

I would like to know whether this is regional discrimination or your working attitude is perfunctory?

If you reject Chinese business support, please make it clear.

As a free customer. I believe this is a customer base that is anathema. But it lasted more than a week. My vote of support went unanswered, and the question remained unsolved.

Your system misjudged my account and banned and restricted it (the new support ticket is shown as solving the problem and closing the case). Why not restore my general account and partner account?

Please let me know if there is still a problem with my account. We have been adhering to the good corporate reputation. But Cloudflare’s misjudgment has wronged us. I know the United States is imposing sanctions on China. Will Cloudflare also sanction Chinese online customers?

Disclaimer: I am a regular user. Not a customer support team.

What is the error message?

Please do share clearly.

Maybe it helps understanding your question better.

@user3996 Your domain has been suspected of phishing or malware

Please review the identified items below. When you have removed the malicious content, you may request a review by our Trust & Safety team.

Sorry, you are not allowed to create new zones. Please contact support.

Trust & safety team also contacted many times to solve the problem. Never gave a reply. Failed to resolve. Use cloudflare CDN for our new domain name registration. A sub domain is used in the background of website management, Manage the panel for the old partner host API. The cloudflare partner network flag was hung before. The logo of our company is also marked in the obvious position of the page. It doesn’t offend cloudflare

Are you regular Cloudflare customer with one domain or running hosting business as Cloudflare partner?

Sorry, I am not getting all this.

@user3996 All of them. We are cloudflare China partner. We exist in both old and new partner systems. Cloudflare’s services are also being used. All domain names are hosted in cloudflare

Means, is it impacting all your customers or just a single domain?

Either way, from what I understood there is a claim of malicious content…

I assume you have already done malicious scan and followed best practices.

So if you believe all set then it is ok. Temporary you can pause Cloudflare and keep over different IP untill this is solved.

If needed you can chage nameserver. It does not make any sense to suffer.

All domain names, all customers are affected.

Disable our Host API, making it impossible for all customers to use. Restricted domain name management account, all domain names cannot be configured. It’s really bad. I’ve been trusting Cloudflare for the last few years. I never thought I’d be hit so hard. All business has been stopped. Heavy losses.

Are all domains registered with Cloudflare? Move away!

We got the same problem for 2 months already. They said that the Trust and Safety team mailed us but we didn’t receive any mail, I asked if they could send the mail to my work mail and said that it wasn’t possible…

So I changed the main mail adres and now I can’t get on the support page…

Really bad. Maybe they’re not awake enough.

I buy their shares. Apply to become their partner and use their services. Efforts are being made to promote cloudflare products in China and the Asia Pacific region. Although they have not paid me any promotion fees. However, as a partner, cloudflare users can use the network regulated in China smoothly (through the host API, the domain name management interface in China is established. Free to use,Very fast). They have not been grateful for the efforts as partners, but let our accumulated customers lose overnight. Cloudflare becomes mercenary and loses its original intention. Most infuriating is that their security risk team has never considered for partners. I have repeatedly indicated that I am a partner. The user name and user information of the partner portal background are submitted to them for review. They not only do not actively deal with it, but also ask me to find the partner channel manager.

I once suspected that they discriminated against Chinese users, partners in China, and free users.

Cloudflare is disgusted by these groups?
My English is not good, if I express myself reasonably enough. Please skip.

All my account domains are sanctioned by Cloudflare, just as China is sanctioned by the US。
yes. The complaint was ignored.
I can only complain here. It does not help.

Hi there,

My name is Zein, a Product Specialist here at Cloudflare.

I am sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.

We’ve escalated this request to our Trust and Safety Team for review. Trust and Safety will reach out to you soon, and will help to address your request.