Cloudflare's "Scrape Shield"

Cloudflare offers under the topic “Scrape Shield” and “Server-side Excludes” the possibility to “Automatically hide SPECIFIC content from disreputable visitors.”

With the example:

<!--sse-->Disreputable visitors won't see this<!--/sse-->

By using <!--sse-->...<!--/sse--> Can I hide only 1-2 sentences or can I basically hide the whole content of the website?

a) For example, would below code snippet work?
b) Can Google bots, etc still read and index the content?

<article> My main website content. </article>

Thank you

Why would you think only one or two sentences? seems pretty clear about that

Wrap any content that you want to be excluded from suspicious visitors

Does it not work for you?

OK. Thank you.
In the help-section under “Server-side Excludes” it isn’t that clear.

Then we come to the second part: can Google, etc spiders still crawl the website without any risk?

As long as Google is not considered a suspicious visitor, they should get the content as-is.

Exactly: can someone from Cloudlfare please confirm that Search Engings are not considered to be “suspicious visitor”

For that you might want to open a support ticket, but generally Google is not considered such a type of visitor :wink:

Here we are, they are all white listed:

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