Cloudflare's Pushing for Personal Digital IDs to use the Internet! What?!

In a recent video, the COO of Cloudfare, Michelle Zatlyn, promoted “Digital Citizenships” to log on and use the Internet, where all your online activities are fully tracked. This is in cooperation with The World Economic Forum, the authors of “The Great Reset” plan of destroying society and ushering in a forced green fourth industrial revolution, a destructive hair brain elite academic plan that will kill millions of people.

See video here.

If “Personal Digital IDs” were ever manifested, it would cause untold damage to society and free speech.

As a paying Cloudflare customer, I find this absolutely chilling and completely against the mission statement and values of Cloudflare. Even the fact Cloudflare is in connection with the World Economic Forum is terrifying in itself.

I demand to know if this one employee of Cloudflare represents the organization as a whole or if she’s speaking of her own volition.

It would be a good idea for CF to issue clarity and a retraction on the CF blog, as this will blow up significantly, which I see the EFF getting involved, which will cause a lot of unfortunate press for CF.

She used that term but without specifying what exactly she understands by it. And I wouldn’t automatically infer from that that she is after telescreens in everbody’s home :slight_smile:. But Michelle has an account on the forum, let’s ask her directly :slight_smile: - @mzatlyn.

To be completely honest, the video itself seems to be taken a bit out of context and just these 98 seconds do not make much sense at all. Again, it probably needs the full context.

IMHO there are two overall issues in this context

  1. Many governments and corporations would just love to have more insight into what people exactly do. Google Analytics on a national level would be a dream come true :slight_smile:. China appears to be pushing into that direction as well with its very own plans for the successor of 5G - China’s Dystopian “New IP" Plan Shows Need for Renewed US Commitment to Internet Governance - Just Security
  2. Cloudflare’s concentration of traffic certainly could be considered somewhat of an issue from a privacy and tracking perspective. They are handling a lot of traffic on both ends, websites and services via the proxies and user traffic via their Warp VPNs.

Am I personally a fan of tracking and being monitored? No. Would I mind being tracked and monitored? Yes. Do I have somewhat of an understanding for the desire to track and monitor the general population? Given certain trends, somewhat :slight_smile:.

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“We need better digital citizenship” ah yes, This line right here means Cloudflare is working on tying your entire Internet activity history to a digital ID. Cue the EFF, let’s get national and international news on this. Short CF stock, this is going to be a huge profit opportunity!

Please don’t bring conspiracy theories here with the most vague evidence to ever exist.

In case you didn’t get my sarcasm, this is not investment advice.


I wouldn’t mind. NET is currently at $84 and was already at $22. The latter is a far more interesting level to buy :wink:

As for conspiracy theories, they don’t necessarily all need to be completely off, but I fully agree, they should be backed with proper evidence and most of the time they are not and the “evidence” is aforementioned vague. But I wouldn’t even remotely call this video excerpt as evidence for anything in the first place as it really is not clear from it what Michelle was trying to say at all. Again, the context is missing (as so often).

Armstrong Ecomomics is actually a covert operation run by the Illuminati. Just look at their DNS. Jeff Bezos runs their DNS, and the website is run by Cloudflare (on a CNAME setup.) I’ll find Bill Gates in there if I squint a bit at the screen. You are all sheeple if you cannot see what is really going on.

Even look at the name CIoudflAre, and it’s obvious who is really behind all this.

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Plus China’s desire to control the global internet…

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