Cloudflare's not detecting my hosting pointing to its NS

Hi, this is my first time using cloudflare, and I have a domain I bougth at a registrar, I know the process should be easy since cloudflare give’s me a list of NS to point to at my registrar, but my domain is pointing to the NS since december and cloudflare still keeps prompting this:

before someone says that it’s well linked, I have literally copied and pasted the NS into the hostinger domain’s NS, also, I’m a begginer with this topic so I have not made any weird configuration of my dns recors or redirecting or advanced stuff like DNSSEC

also, I checked in ICANN lookup as cloudflare recommends and you can see there actually are the NS I setted

Your domain’s status is serverHold:

This effectively means it is suspended and will not work until the serverHold is lifted.

Go to the place you registered the domain to have the issue resolved.


thank u, I’m already talking with my registrar, is it up to them?


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