Cloudflare's new dashboard's rocket loader causing issue even on manual mode


New dashboard’s rocket loader add some kind of ID in


tag’s type attribute. Here is the sample

<script type="f394f299a3b967######-text/javascript" src=''></script>

I would like to use rocket loader only for some scripts so I set manual mode and add data-cfasync="true" to the script tags I want rocket loader to handle but rocket loader still add random ID to type attribute anyway and break the site. Am I doing something wrong here?


Can you provide an example URL? We can check things over for you then - if you don’t want to post it here you can drop a line into Support and reference this thread.

Shortly we’ll be moving Rocket Loader to a simple on/off switch - manual mode itself will be going away but you can still opt-out scripts by using data-cfasync="false" however this is something you have to do with care because if there are interdependencies between scripts that are rocket loaded and scripts that are normally loaded that can cause errors.


Hi thank you for your response. My website is Now I have turned of rocket loader because if I turned on, layerslider on the website became blank. Please let me know if you need further information.


I have the “manual” mode enabled because I use rocket loader only on public part of my website . Since few days, my backoffice is broken because something must have changed in your code. I have no data-cfa attributes in thoses pages and they have errors. I have to disable the rocket loader service… if you have more info on what I should do, that would help


Rocket Loader has caused many problems in the past. My suggestion is not to use it. If your running PHP7 on a decent server RL is nor really needed. In my humble opinion.


@user569 All optimization features could cause issue but the benefit is good once you use them. That’s what I want. I want my website be really fast.


Hi @trustweb can you let me know a URL? If this is sensitive information please write a ticket into support with some details of how we can replicate and we’ll take a look.


@gtu.myowin I can see that the homepage slider is slower to render for you - I see that it does load just much later. We’ll look into this.


Yes, thank you!


Seems like it’s been sorted out very well. Thanks @simon

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@gtu.myowin yes the latest version of Rocket Loader resolves this issue for you. Thanks for reporting it.