Cloudflare's nameservers replacing problem

I am using AWS instance and my domain is from namecheap. For AWS, I’ve to make A-record in name cheap. If I want to change name server then A-record is gone and if I keep A-record then there is given no option to change name server by namecheap. In this situation, what can i do to use cloudflare???

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Hi @waresahmed150 ,

You need to make sure all your DNS records are copied over to Cloudflare, then when you switch the nameservers, DNS will be handled by Cloudflare rather than Namecheap.

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thanks for your reply. The problem is solved.


Can you let me know how did you do that? copying the DNS records to Cloudfare?


You can either manually type them all in here after looking at them at your host. Or, hopefully, your host will let your export them as a BIND file.

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