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Hi there, for the root domain @ with an A record, what is the IPv4 address that Cloudflare provides?

If not available, how else would I get this IPv4 address?

Context: My domain was originally registered on GoDaddy and then I updated the nameservers to Cloudflare. I had the domain CNAME record targeting root domain to another site for landing pages and have now removed that CNAME.

Cloudlfare is noting I need to now add a root domain A, AAAA, or CNAME record to “resolve”.

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Clouflare doesn’t provide the IP address. You obtain that from your hosting provider and enter it into your Cloudflare DNS.

Now that you retired the landing page, where are hosting the content for that domain name?

The domain would no longer be used for content presently. I’m planning on forwarding the domain to another domain B using Page Rules. That domain B has content hosted on Squarespace, with domain registered via GoDaddy.

In that case, where would I get the IP address?

You can use a test IP address of to make your DNS record.

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Is that a generic IP address of sorts approved by Cloudflare?

Yes. Any idea in the TEST-NET ranges are special cases and will be allowed to be proxied (:orange:). Examples in the documentation also use these IP addresses.


Thank you!

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