CloudFlare's IP is blacklisted by Google because it is Meris Bot Net?

When I use Cloudflare Warp (Vietnam Data Center), Google Search always says that my Modem has been infected by Meris Bot Net, and asks me to solve the reCaptcha challenge. This DOESN’T HAPPEN when I’m not using Cloudflare Warp.
I think there is no way to fix it myself. Hope Cloudflare Team fixes this soon.

I ran into this myself but not while using WARP but with ProtonVPN. Probably a false positive?

Does this happen 100% of the time or only sometimes? For me with ProtonVPN only happened once.

ProtonVPN uses different service providers so IP reputation may be low, but here is Cloudflare IP…

I found some Topic about the same issue.

It is worth mentioning that this only happens with Warp+ or Zero Trust, Free Warp is not affected.

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