CloudFlare's Free CDN

A HostGator tech support rep suggested a free Cloudflare CDN might help with our site loading slowness. I’ve created a Cloudflare account using the link he provided, but CF is now asking me to change the nameservers. How then will our site load correctly? It seems we’re missing something here. Please advise.

Cloudflare operates as a proxy, i.e. intermediary, between your origin server (in your case, Hostgator’s) and visitors.

You should change your nameservers as indicated, so that your registrar points to Cloudflare’s assigned nameservers, and Cloudflare will then point to your origin. This is done automatically in most cases, as Cloudflare will import your DNS records. You can always edit your DNS records at the Cloudflare dashboard in case, for instance, you change hosting providers.

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