Cloudflare's Egregious Egress

In July of 21 Matthew Prince & Nitin Rao opined the egregious mark up of egress by AWS.

How embarrassing that Cloudflare is doing the same thing with the video services.
For a memory refresher they called out AWS for a 7959% markup at .08c per GB

Currently to output video, using a Cloudflare service such as Stream or Calls, the numbers are roughly the same for Cloudflare offerings as AWS, and we should be outraged at the hypocrisy of the Cloudflare team.

For example the video product Stream at is charging $5 for 1000 minutes.

Some quick math…
A good video+audio stream can be done at 2000 Kbps, that is 14GB for 1000 minutes or 16.66 hours of egress.

That is an eye watering 35c per GB of final output.

Now lets absolutely be over the top in allocating encoding to playback ratio and assume a 1:4 ratio, that is for every minute encoded, it is played back 4 times.

1000 minutes / 4 = 250 minutes of encoding.
Lets apply a 4:1 ratio of cost for encoding, that is for every one unit of distribution, it costs 4 times that to encode so a total of 5 units.

That is $4 to encode and $1 to egress
At 14GB output for the 1000 minutes, that is 100 cents / 14GB = 7.14c a GB

So there it is Cloudflare’s Egregious Egress.
Where is the outrage of the Cloudlfare team at there own rip off fees.

Video is hard, and expensive, but it does not cost 1.6 cents per minute at scale to encode.

Can the Cloudflare team explain why they think it is OK to rip off customers while calling out competitors with over a 7000% markup on egress?


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I agree with what you say and the lack of volume a lone voice can have, but I fell we need to call out the hypocrisy when companies virtue signal that they are the customer champion and then do exactly what they are saying they are against.
Now get off my lawn…

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